Training plan week 1-4

The lockdown stage is currently on level 4 which means you can cycle, walk or run outside in a 5km radius between 06h00 – 09h00am. It might not sound like much, but you can utilize this time to maximize your training sessions. 

If you have been stuck in lockdown without an indoor trainer then this plan is perfect for you! Your fitness level might feel at an all-time low, but we know this will get you back in action and race-ready for the Protea ride (40km or half-marathon) in 3-months.

Training Levels

If you’ve been taking it very slow this past month, your fitness level would have declined significantly. Don’t rush back into cycling, rather take it slower the first two weeks and gradually increase your distance and intensity.

Slow Training 

Take it easy today, no need to add interval training or bursts of energy to this workout, just ride it out for the allocated time. Ride at about 40-50% of your race pace. 

Race pace training

Time to up your game, start out the first five minutes with a short warm-up round and go at half of your usual race pace. Next, level it up and cycle hard for the remaining minutes of the suggested times and finish with a 5min cool down at half of your pace again. 

Long Training 

It is not about distance here, it is solely about getting in the time for a longer ride. Saturdays and Sundays are best for this type of training day. We suggest riding at 70% of your pace. For instance, if you ride an average of 20km/h then you would ride at a 14km/h pace. 


Rest those legs, especially in the beginning. You can go for a walk on the days you’re not cycling or try out yoga in the comfort of your own home. Do this for only 10-minutes a day. Everyone can stand down 10-minutes to do a few squats in front of the tv or jumping jacks with your kids in the kitchen. 

Training Plan Week 1- 4

If you work out the average training time per day it comes out to 20-minutes a day the first week. You can switch the sessions around to suit your schedule. Aim to get in at least 10-minutes a day. 

MondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday
Week 130min – slowCross-Training30min – race paceCross-TrainingRest1 hour – longRest
Week 230min – slowCross-Training30min – race paceCross-TrainingRest1 hour – longRest
Week 345min – slowCross-Training30min – race paceCross-Training30min – slowRest1 hour 15 min – long
Week 4 45min – slowCross-Training45min – race paceCross-TrainingRest1 hour 30min – longRest