BEAST (100km)

R799 per person

The Beast ride is a 100km mountain bike race with one massive climb which will test your grit and endurance. The race has 3 spectacular water points and 1 spectator point. Become a beast and enter now! 


Water Points

3 water points to keep you hydrated and fuelled for the road ahead.

Goody Bag

Stocked with two pairs of socks, water bottle and other goodies

Finisher Medal

You need a medal to show everyone your Beast status.

Protea Fees

This includes 3 tickets to the Protea Fees on Saturday, 24 April

Prize Money

There will be prize money for overall winners and prizes for age categories.


Starting at Legends MX, the route will begin on dirt roads and mostly downhill sections towards Rosemary Hill, where the first water point awaits at 25km. From there, riders will head straight to the foot of the Beast, where a brutal 3km climb with 250m elevation gain on serious loose dirt tracks awaits.

The view of Pretoria at the top is great and a good excuse to catch your breath and take some HTFU pills*. Riders will be spoiled with panoramic views of the Jacaranda city and an ideal time to snap away on a few profile pictures. Hereafter riders will take on to the magnificent Conservancy of Rayton heading towards Cullinan with some loose sand road sections traversing between the route. 

Passing through Cullinan a second water point will await the thirsty beasts. This water point also doubles up as a spectator and feeding point. Here spectators will be able to cheer on their loved ones and feed you the special race mutie*, to keep the adrenaline pumping.

After the water point, the diamond hunt will be on!  Expect rolling hills heading back towards Donkerhoek and keep the legs strong and your body hydrated. The last water point will be at 75km for our version of the Kalahari Oasis. This is a great stop and there will be loads of ice and drinks! 

To live up to its name the Beast will have a sting in the tail… Roughly translated in Afrikaans to Jou Bliksem! At least it will be a downhill finish back to Legends MX, where the rest of the day can be spent with friends and family at the Protea Fees; a must-do local festival; with everything you can think of like amazing live entertainment, GTR drag racing on the airfields, kids entertainment and much more. 



First water point will be at Rosemary Hill.


Water point and spectator point will be in Cullinan.


The third water point will be a Kalahari Oasis.